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Credit Union 101

In this 2 day Virtual Workshop, explore how credit unions were formed, the role and importance of the Board of Directors and Supervisory committee, the cooperative principles, and the organizations/associations that make the industry what it is! 


Only 30 seats available per Workshop. Hosted Virtually through Zoom meetings.

October 22 - 23

2-day Workshop

2:00 p.m. CST - 4:00 CST

Registration closes October 1st

3 Key Questions You'll Be Able to Answer

(1) What Makes Your CU Tick?

Topics Include: CU History, Current Trends, Risk

(2) What Drives My CU Strategy?

Topics Include: Understanding Financials, Lending, Operational Strategies

(3) How Can I Advance My CU?

Topics Include: Lead from Any Level, Community Engagement

3 Key Questions You'll Be Able to Answer

(1) What Makes Credit Unions Different?

Topics Include: CU History, Cooperative Principles

(2) Why is Our Governance Important?

Topics Include: Role of the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee

(3) Who is All Involved and Why?

Topics Include: Role of the Leagues, Trade Associations, etc.

Benefits of Credit Union 101

Free up Your Trainers Time!

Allow your in-house training programs to focus on what they do best and be operational to get your members the best service possible!

Increase Employee Buy-In

By understanding what makes credit unions different, and yes, BETTER, your team will better understand the structure of credit unions and the importance of the "behind the scenes why" of how we operate.

Further Your Understanding

We can often overlook the importance of our governance structure as well as the many organizations/associations that help us operate every day. Show your team the impo

Outline: Credit Union 101

Day 1: The Cooperative Spirit

On day one we will focus on all things in the cooperative spirit. Credit unions were built off of the cooperative principles. We will dive into these and understand why each one is important to the foundation of any credit union. We will also learn about and discuss the role of our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, particularly the importance of their governance structure and why that makes credit unions unique.

Topics Include

​CU History

Cooperative Principles

The Role of CU Volunteers

Day 2: We're All in This Together

Day 2 will focus on organizations and associations that impact credit unions locally and nationally. We will learn the role of credit union leagues and associations as well as some of the major players like the NCUA, TruStage, America's Credit Unions, and the National Credit Union Foundation.


Topics Include

​Trade Associations


Exam Processes

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