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Innovate Your Loan Portfolio

As credit unions, we have to get creative with our loan portfolio to separate ourselves from big box banks and fintechs. Quite frankly, in most cases, their technology and speed to funding outperforms us, so how can we be different? After all, an auto loan is an auto loan right?

What if I told you I could teach you steps to change that? To think outside the box and discover a different way to approach your loan portfolio? CU Evolve does just that in our "Innovate Your Loan Portfolio" Workshop.

We cover steps to take that have led to over $6 million being awarded in CDFI grant funding over the past five years. Our process reimagines loan products by examining ways to fill a void for your members, from research to idea gathering to implementation, our discussion based training leaves you with concrete action steps to take back to your credit union to reach a new group of untapped members. The results are meant to increase loan yield, loan-to-share ratios, and serve who needs you most!

Topics Include:

  • Engaging your community

  • Understanding your member demographics

  • Risk appetite

  • Building strong community partnerships for referrals

  • The building blocks of an innovative loan product

  • Building your own financial counseling program

Want to learn more? Reach me at

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