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Why CU Evolve?

CU Evolve was started because there was a gap in the credit union industry with real, purposeful professional development for young professionals and newcomers to the credit union industry.

I became a CEO of a $100 million asset credit union at the age of 27 and the most common question I get amongst peers is "How did you get there so quickly?". My answer is always the same. I was able to learn, understand, and

broaden my knowledge of the credit union by being able to know enough to have a thoughtful conversation with anyone at the credit union at any level. This included management, C-Suite, Board, you name it.

I did it the hard "old fashioned" way by pulling in experts that I knew, reading a ton of industry articles, and asking a million questions. I wanted to be able to provide resources to my fellow credit union peers in a quicker timeline and accelerate that process so that more people are comfortable and confident enough to have those conversations at their credit unions and learn skills necessary to be a leader in the movement. From there, CU Evolve and the Evolve U Academy was born!

I'm confident that by going through Evolve U Academy and the other programs CU Evolve has to offer, you will learn the nuiances of how to run a credit union and better understand what's happnening in our industry. If you want a future in credit unions and want to make an impact on your organization, CU Evolve is for you!

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